LUFC LabConsultants
Laboratory & LIMS support through Knowledge & Experience!
Laboratory and LIMS Consultants
Laboratory and LIMS Consultants

Laboratory and LIMS support through Knowledge and Experience

LUFC LabConsultants

We support and advise laboratories on information management (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS), workflow and efficiency improvement and other aspects related to the laboratory organization. LUFC supports the laboratory with projects that require a high degree of knowledge and experience, like software selections and implementations.
Our consultants have more than 25 years of experience in one or more aspects related to laboratory operations and successfully completed dozens of projects with leading laboratories in several market segments.


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LIMS Selection & Project Support

LUFC LabConsultants provides vendor independent support and advice during an entire Laboratory Information Management (LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS etc.) project.
Our support and advice may be on several topics: workflow analysis and -optimisation (LabInfoScan); requirements gathering and documentation (URS and RFP); vendor- & software selection; quotations- and contract review and supervision during the implementation to make sure the best possible result is accomplished during the implementation. The goal is always to select the solution with the best technical fit and best vendor implementation support, minimizing unwanted commercial and marketing influence.

LUFC LabConsultants is 100% vendor-independent!

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LUFC LabConsultants Mindmap met diensten voor het laboratorium zoals LIMS selectie, LabScan, LabInfoScan en project management. Koppeling naar Projecten Koppeling naar LUFC LabConsultants Koppeling naar LIMS Selectie Koppeling naar LabScan

LabScan and LabInfoScan

Is your laboratory so busy that it struggels to handle the workload? Does your laboratory experience a high level of absence due to sickness and/or stress? Maybe the laboratory organization could be improved or workflow could be more efficient? Does your laboratory have the right means to do the work within a reasonable timeframe and according to quality standards? Do your people not have the time or skills to improve the situation? The LabScan may provide you with answers and solutions to the issues mentioned above.

Does your current laboratory information management solution support your laboratory workflow and information requirements to a satisfactory level? Are you not sure or believe it could be better? Are you already considering to replace the current system?
The LabInfoScan could provide you with valuable insights, answers and solutions to be able to make a sound decision on how to proceed.

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Since the start in 2010 LUFC successfully completed dozens of projects with large and small laboratories from several market segments like Food, Pharma, Chemical, Clinical, Forensics, Environmental, Commercial Laboratories, Building Materials, Governmental etc.

These projects consisted of LIMS selections, LabInfoScans, LabScans, workflow and efficiency analyses and enhancements, project management and quality-related projects.

Follow the link below to find a list of leading laboratories in several different market segments that hired LUFC LabConsultants for support and advice.



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