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Laboratory and LIMS Consultants
Laboratory and LIMS Consultants


LIMS - LES - LIS - ELP - ELN - SDMS - ECM .... ?

"LIMS" is an abbreviation of "Laboratory Information Management System (Software). In practice the term "LIMS" is still used to indicate a QC-LIMS, limited to supporting a simple QC workflow. The current commercially available laboratory informatics solutions however support all types of laboratories with rich functionality that cover many aspects of a broad Laboratory Information Management System.

LUFC advocates to use the term "LIMS" to indicate a broad Laboratory Information Management Platform.

The Laboratory Information Management Software market has been overflowed with the ever increasing number of abbreviations and accompanying marketing hypes. "LIMS, LES, LIS, ELN, ELP, SDMS, ECM, Cloud, Web-based, Client-Server" are only a few of the many abbreviations. Laboratory staff, involved in a LIMS project once every 10-15 years, is unable to keep up with all the laboratory informatics developments and can't properly value the marketing "hypes". Laboratories tend to rely on the commercial advice of vendors without first investigating their own laboratory information management needs.
Every vendor will try to convince the laboratories of their own solution and will try to bend the laboratory requirements to best fit their solution. Selling of their software (and services) is the primary goal of many vendors. For them, their solution is always the best solution to fit the needs of your laboratory.

LUFC LabConsultants is completely vendor-independent. LUFC does not sell software and does not execute implementations for one or more vendors. LUFC does not have any commercial gain in your choice for a specific vendor.

LUFC LabConsultants uses the LabInfoScan to determine the information management needs of you laboratory workflow.
Which type of laboratory information management solution(s) could support your workflow and your laboratory staff?

LUFC uses the abbreviation "LIMS" to indicate the best fitting Laboratory Information Management Solution for your specific laboratory. LUFC and laboratory staff will jointly determine what the information management needs are.
Then we will look at which commercially available lab-software solutions (QC-LIMS, LES, LIS, ELN, SDMS, ECM ...) are able to fulfil those needs in the most efficient and user-friendly way.

LUFC LabConsultants helps her customers to more clearly see the "wood" of the best fitting laboratory software and implementation services vendor for the trees of all the different commercially available lab-informatics solutions.
Experience from recent years show that for different types of laboratories the best combination of software- & implementation services vendor is often not the same.

LUFC supports laboratories with the selection of their best combination of "LIMS" software and implementation partner.

A LIMS selection supported by LUFC LabConsultants has the following stages:

  • LabInfoScan & workflow analyses
  • URS & RFP development
  • Software and vendor selection
  • Contract review
  • Project supervision and support

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