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Laboratory & LIMS Consultants

LUFC LabConsultants consists of a group of vendor-independent consultants with a minimum of 20 years experience in one or more aspects of the modern laboratory. The LUFC consultants strengthen each other by exchange of information and experience. They can act as each others backup in case needed.


LUFC laboratory consultants cover the following subjects with their knowledge and experience:


  • Laboratory Informatics ("LIMS", ELN, SDMS, CDS ....)
  • Software and vendor selections
  • Laboratory workflow & efficiency (LabScan & LabInfoScan)
  • Software and hardware validation(CSV, 21CFR11, GxP)
  • Project management
  • Laboratory quality systems (17025, 15189, 9000, GxP)
  • Interim laboratory management and QA management

LUFC Laboratory and LIMS consultants with high level of knowledge and experience!

Consultants are deployed by LUFC LabConsultants on laboratory projects that fit his/her field of expertise and demand a high level of experience. The use of experienced consultants is necessary to achieve the desired project result, not a goal on its own.

LUFC LabConsultants executes project in order to achieve the best possible result for the laboratory.
LUFC is no recruiter or poster of laboratory workers.

Contact us for additional information on the services that LUFC LabConsultants delivers to laboratories.