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Laboratory Software Implementation

How can LUFC assist during a laboratory software implementation?

In recent years LUFC LabConsultants has carried out more than 20 LabInfoScans at laboratories in several market segments like Food, Pharmaceutical, Forensic, Chemical, Environmental and Government. We made a comparison between all the results of the LabInfoScans and established a Top-5 of improvement possibilities in LIMS setup (implementation) and general LIMS use.
One of the conclusions that could be drawn from the results was that a high percentage of LIMS implementations showed a lack of guidance and support towards the laboratory workflow and the day-to-day activities of the laboratory staff. Many implementations were never completed towards a degree to take full advantage of the potential of efficiency improvement and support of quality management in terms of "tracking & tracing" of quality critical factors.

The Mind-map below shows the Top-5 improvements in LIMS setup and general use:

Mind-map Top-5 LIMS implementation and LIMS deployement improvement potential

The shortcomings in the setup and limited functional deployment of many LIMS implementations can have many causes (and effects!). Lacking of project management by the laboratory and limited knowledge within the laboratory staff of possible LIMS utilizations, are often important factors that cause the user unfriendly and incomplete setup of many LIMS implementations.
Laboratory staff find it very difficult to translate user requirements (URS) and opportunities for LIMS controlled improvements in support of the laboratory workflow into an effective and user friendly LIMS implementation.
Many laboratories have released the project management and the general implementation responsibility to the vendor.
The lack of joint control by the laboratory and the vendor over the LIMS implementations can easily lead to undesirable situations like project delays, exceeding of budget, mismatch with functional expectations, bad user acceptance and total dependence on the vendor support.

LUFC LabConsultants supports your laboratory during the implementation with project management and Laboratory Information Management knowledge. LUFC will support the laboratory with identifying LIMS-guided improvement opportunities and, together with the consultant of the LIMS vendor, translate these into a practical and user friendly LIMS implementation. LUFC will, in a coaching manner, involve the LIMS (key)users during the project to stimulate the ability to cope independently after completion of the (first phase) of the implementation.
Due to the high degree of experience of the LUFC project mangers they are able to communicate on the same level with the project manager of the vendors and jointly assure that the project is carried out delivering the mutually accepted results in-time and on-budget.

LUFC LabConsultants is operating completely vendor-independent. LUFC does not sell software or hardware and does not execute implementation services contracted by one or more vendors. LUFC is only hired by the laboratories and not by vendors.

LUFC LabConsultants could support your laboratory with project management and LIMS knowledge during the implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System! Please contact us for additional information or an initial discussion.