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LUFC LabConsultants - support for your laboratory

LUFC LabConsultants

LUFC LabConsultants consists of a group of (vendor-) independent consultants, highly experienced in one or more aspects of the laboratory. LUFC supports the laboratory with projects that require a high degree of expertise and experience. Our mission is to jointly execute projects in which the best possible result for the laboratory is key. The deployment of one or more experienced LUFC consultants is a means to a successful execution and not a goal.

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LIMS Selection

LUFC LabConsultants provides vendor independent, support during the selection process of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS, ELN, SDMS etc..).
Vendor Selection project components generally are: LabInfoScan; workflow analysis and -optimisation; requirements analysis (URS and RFP); vendor & software selection; negotiations and contract review; project management.

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LabScan and LabInfoScan

The LabScan is used to identify bottlenecks and improvement potential related to various subjects:

  • Laboratory Information Management (LabInfoScan)
  • Workflow and Efficiency
  • Quality Management
  • Laboratory organisation and setup
  • Combination of the above

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The project types below have been carried out with our

  • LabScans, LabInfoScans
  • LIMS Selections
  • Workflow & Efficiency (& "Lean") improvements
  • Project Management & Interim Management
  • Quality Management (ISO17025, 15189) support

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