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Laboratory Organization Scan

What is it and why in your laboratory?

A Laboratory Scan (LabScan) is a service from LUFC LabConsultants in which bottlenecks and improvement potential are investigated of several aspects within the laboratory. The LabScan delivers recommendations for improvement and clear guidance towards necessary actions to enhance laboratory operations and efficiency.

Laboratory management often has a hard time to obtain a clear and unbiased view on the performance of their own laboratory. Sometimes a clear picture is obtained after an audit of a customers or a regulatory body, potentially resulting in undesirable situations. An alternative could be to have an independent laboratory operations expert perform a LabScan to identify bottlenecks and improvement potential, thus avoiding unexpected stressful situation and maintain and enhance the laboratory quality level.

LUFC LabConsultants has several consultants, each with their own expertise, that can execute a LabScan at your laboratory. Depending on the agreed topic(s) of the LabScan the consultants with the best fit are assigned to your LabScan.

Some examples of LabScan topics LUFC encountered at customers:

  • Laboratory Information Management (LabInfoScan).
  • Workflow and Efficiency.
  • Quality Management (against ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 9001).
  • Laboratory Structure and Laboratory Operations .
  • Combinations of the above.


How does a LabScan work?

The execution of the LabScan may vary slightly depending on the topic(s).

The execution steps mentioned below are almost always included:

  • LUFC and customer determine and agree on the topics that need to be investigated.
  • Preparation of LabScan by document study(Quality Manual, Quality registrations, Lab structure, SOP's, reports etc.)
  • Interviews with certain key roles within the laboratory (management, analyst, QA, admin, IT, customers, production etc.)
  • Practical review of (information) workflow, from analysis request to reporting.
  • Determining of findings, workflow, bottlenecks, improvement potential and requirements.
  • Write LabScan report.
  • Present results of LabScan (optional).


What does a LabScan deliver?

Depending on the topic(s) of the LabScan several different results can be expected.

In general terms a LabScan will deliver:

  • An independent and unbiased view on the performance of your laboratory.
  • Points of attention and bottlenecks concerning several aspect of laboratory operations.
  • Plan of action to remove the bottlenecks.
  • Description of possibilities to enhance efficiency and optimize laboratory workflow.
  • High level requirements for a Laboratory Information Management System to best support your laboratory process.


Contact us to discuss a potential LabScan at your laboratory.