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Laboratory Information Management Scan


The LabInfoScan is a LabScan in which the main topic is the effectiveness of the Laboratory Information Management System ("LIMS"). The LabInfoScan, similar to the LabScan, uncovers bottlenecks and improvement potential. The execution of the LabInfoScan is similar to the LabScan.

In recent years LUFC LabConsultants has carried out a large number of LabScans at several types of laboratories representing almost every market segment. Many bottlenecks and potential improvements could often be traced back to some sort of poor laboratory information management. For this reason LUFC decided to introduce the LabInfoScan, focussing on the information management during the workflow from sample request (customer) all the way to the finished report.

The LabInfoScan generally covers the stages listed below:

  • Review of current "LIMS" on effectiveness, user friendliness, flexibility, adaptability, compliance etc.
  • Review of current workflow on effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, continuity, "paper-role"etc.
  • Determine level readily availability of essential information to management, analysts, QA, customers, workflow etc.
  • Determine the effectiveness of the support by the current "LIMS" towards the workflow and laboratory staff
  • Determine bottlenecks and points of attention concerning the laboratory information management
  • Optimize current workflow into desired future workflow (often: paper-based => "paperless")
  • Establish optimal workflow- and laboratory staff support by the "LIMS" => user requirements
  • Gather high level user requirements => starting point of URS development
  • Document LabInfoScan findings into a report

A LabInfoScan is often used during the "preparation-stage" of a LIMS selection. The information requirement by both workflow and laboratory staff is identified to get an idea on the type of information management solution that would fit the needs best.

The LabInfoScan can also be used to identify the most effective enhancements of an existing information management solution.
Is it feasible to adapt the current system in order to achieve the desired outcome like efficiency increase, workflow optimization, "paperless" environment etc..

Contact us to discuss a potential LabInfoScan at your laboratory.